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Turn Your Overweight into Your Greatest Happiness

Using overweight as a springboard, I teach large women both the Laws of Life and how to foster Self-Love. If you choose to lose weight, the Laws I teach you will keep it off permanently through a change in your thinking.

  • Do you think someone’s been messing with you, making you fat?

  • Is your heritage – being overweight - standing in the way of success?

  • Is money or the lack of it to be blamed for unhappiness or do they just
    take advantage of you at work because you’re overweight?

  • Is being overweight and unmarried a sign of being unsuccessful?

  • Are you victimized by media hype that elevates only the skinny to acceptability?

Everybody Has One Big Problem They Think Holds Them From Success
and Happiness.

  • Did you ever wish there was some big payoff from all this grief and rejection?

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have some tools to turn this sour into something sweet?

  • Want to learn how to interpret the symbols in your life as lessons and get on with it to the success and happiness you so deserve?

I am the expert who can provide this insight to those who seek better answers, and judging by your stop here, you’re ready! My name is Pat Matson and I’m fully prepared to help you get a grip on your One Big Problem - Overweight.

Here’s My Problem:

There wasn’t a moment in my life when I didn’t think I was big. This, courtesy of my childhood nickname, Fatty Patty. Oh, in those days, I wasn’t really fat, but as my mom told me “It rhymed.” She would die all over again to know that I believed it was true and that it became a monster inside my head that grew out onto my body and created Fatty Patty all over my body.

I have always viewed obesity as the catalyst in my life that made me search for answers.
Surely there had to be a solution!

  • I learned that dieting was not a solution. I was on the diet merry-go-round for years and I just walked away. You can too.

  • I experienced that exercise was not a solution. I got sick of hopping on that treadmill. I know you do too.

  • I for sure tried pills, wraps and deprivation. It just left me feeling deprived. You there?

If you are supposed to turn your lemons into lemonade, I used this big problem and learned the lessons it provided. I’m happy, healthy and on my way to wealthy.

What’s Your Problem?

Do you feel as if somehow, someway you’ve been cursed by being “outside the norm.” Do you experience sneering, derision, outright rejection, and repulsion? Men used to give me the once-over and then look away. Do you experience harsh judgment from your family? Does your mate criticize you to “do something about it?” Are your kids embarrassed for their friends to meet you?

Do you have that “I must be as perfect as the magazine models” idea in your head? Look, there’s the models (1% of society) and then there’s the rest of us. (99%) Not all of us are intended to be models, ladies! Please tell your husbands!!!

Is the message that comes to you from much of mankind say “Not Normal?” Do you feel as if you don’t belong; as if everyone else is normal, and you are not?

There Is A Solution

Here at the World of Within, you can find the help you so desperately seek to feel normal about your self. I know you want to begin to feel normal, and to both love and accept yourself. I became a searcher for Truth and I found it!

What I found out is that “what you think really IS what you get!”

What I learned doesn’t only apply to obesity – it applies to every single problem you may have. I can teach you what I know and you can get going right away. I know you want to feel normal, too. I have the tools to help you get there.

Four Important Steps You Can Take Immediately

  • Sign Up for my Ezine, In-Sights, and receive a hefty idea monthly to help you turn your thinking into something that serves the proportionate you better. There’s a signup box on the upper right hand corner of my Home Page.

  • Subscribe to my Blog. I create three blog posts every week with helpful tips to aid you in turning your thinking away from what you now see as overweight into what you’d prefer to think about yourself as you heal. I honor your comments.

  • Read the Book page. My book, My Cats Have Seen Me Naked: How I Achieved Self Love and Self Acceptance While Obese, is a heartfelt, fun, deep read and it’s sure to provide enlightenment.

  • Watch The Fat Movie


Pat MatsonI am Pat Matson. I’ve created this unique website for women who suffer with anxieties about self esteem and their fat. I wrote a book to share what I understand about self-love, self-acceptance, and help with obesity for you. Most of the secrets are in My Cats Have Seen Me Naked: How I Unfolded Self-Acceptance and Self-Love While Obese. If you haven’t read it yet, you can buy it by clicking on the "buy book now" button below.

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My Cats Have Seen Me Naked - How I Acheived Self-Acceptance and Self-Love While Obese by Pat Matson

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“My Cats Have Seen Me Naked” is bold, authentic, gutsy, and honest. Pat has the courage to tell her unfolding story with heart and passion, for the benefit of those who are ready to go for their deep healing.

~ Fran Fisher, MCC, www.franfisher-coach.com



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